Trip report for Mongolia, a journey to the South Gobi Desert. I had travelled during the early winter period: 18 November 2022 – 26 November 2022.

Blog posts recap of the entire journey

Pre-trip preparation

Beyond Expedition provided a detailed packing list! I would think the most important ones would be the wet wipes, toilet papers, hand sanitizer, and headlight – lols. Others, just follow the packing list on your own considerations. Oh, the S-hooks and clothes hangers are definitely useful too!

As for toilet paper…I made a neck holder with a string, and Unuruu was so amused by it and it was the first time she’d seen something like this. No one thought of it before?

Toilet roll neck holder - for your handsfree of unrolling as much as you want
Toilet roll neck holder – for your handsfree of unrolling as much as you want

I had overpacked for the cold weather. Some stuff even though I knew I won’t use them, yet I still brought them (ie. huge thermal flask, hot water bag). I didn’t use much of the heat packs neither. Maybe next winter trip I shall be determined and leave them out. As for changing clothes, overpacked and I actually almost no chance to change (maybe because I am lazy~) but you could always ask for everyone to leave the ger while you change.

Total Costs & Spendings

Tour with Beyond Expedition (after promo 23%)
– Flights with Korean Air & MIAT Air
Insurance with FWD, including Covid extras: $49.60S49.60
Extra Baggage one-way (overpack!) – at USD$100 per piece.
Just don’t check in more than 1 item next time 😛
Tips for our awesome guide and driver???
Sim Card – MobiTelcom – at Airport1000 MNT
Gifts for visiting nomad families:
– Shan’t consider the cost of gifts from SG, because it really depends up to individual what they wanted to bring
– additional purchase of fruit juices and candies from supermarket:
68,705 MNT
– chocolates, vodka, socks, etc
Trying out some local stuff:
– sea buckthorn juice, coca cola

Btw, other cost that one should consider should include purchase of winter clothes, medications, biodegradable toiletries, and etc

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