In late november-december 2017, we made a 21 days trip to Europe, visiting the following countries: Iceland, London and Switzerland. This time again, it was just sis and I on this big trip, our first ever winter-wonderland experience!

Cost Breakdown for 21 Days

During pre-planning stage, we threw a ballpark figure of $8k when we were just discussing about the number of day and the countries to go. We were pretty glad to have not hit that ballpark number.

Cost does not include personal spending (eg. souvenir, or personal use items). All cost below are in SGD, unless otherwise stated.

Total: $6356

Singapore Airline (multi-trip)
SG -> London, Switzerland -> SG
Icelandic Air
London <-> Iceland
Swiss Air
London -> Switzerland
Pre-trip Necessity$150
Travel Insurance (AXA)$114
SIM data card (
5GB for 30 days (15GBP credits)
Breakdown per Country$4465
Iceland – 9 Days$2394
London – 5 Days$866
Switzerland – 7 Days$1205

I daresay, travel insurance is the most useful thing ever, and you must purchase it for your travels. Sometimes we just buy for a peace of mind and usually do not make use of it – which was what we did in the past. But did you know that you can make claims for purchasing medications or consulting a doctor if you got sick during your travels, and even about items damaged during your travel?

My DSLR was spoilt in Iceland, and I was really bummed thinking about the cost of repairing it out-of-warranty. In addition to that, it was a second-hand purchase bought on Carousell, I did not have a receipt. Surprisingly, the insurance company approved my claim and I was really happy to get it repaired without any cost on me!


We spent 9 days in Iceland, doing the southern half ring road winter drive.


Cost Breakdown

Total: $2394

Accommodation (9 Nights)$704
Toilet, Taxi, Parking Fees, Airport Express Bus $95
Car Rental + Petrol: $1572 $786
Food & Groceries$324
Glacier Hiking
Ice Cafe with Adventure Point
Viking Cafe
Skogum Museum
Kerid Crater
Secret Lagoon
City Walk Tip (tipped in GBP)

Do note that cost of car rental and petrol can be lowered depending on the number of people travelling together, use the total amount instead of the per pax result.



In progress…

Cost Breakdown

Total: $866

Heathrow Express Train$27
Oyster card, toilet$53 
Food $165
Warner Bros Studio
Westminister Abbey



In progress…

Cost Breakdown

Total: $1205

Train from Geneva to Zurich $125
Trams pass or tickets, taxi, toilet, short cash $101
Jungfrau Day tour $334
City tour tip $28