Gyeongbok Palace Visit
Gyeongbok Palace Visit

14 days trip report to Korea – it was my first solo trip too! This is the master page to the lengthy trip report and budget.

Total Cost Spendings

$800 per 7 days in Korea is doable and gives you quite a fair amount of freedom to do sights and acitivities, and also enjoy a comfortable private room stay.

ItemsCost (SGD)
Singapore <-> Seoul via Korean Air
Pre-trip Preparation
Travel Insurance – $30
SIM Card – Starhub Happy Prepaid $32 (see note below)
Accommodation (13 Nights)$561
Attractions / Activities
– Paragliding at Cheongdo
– Gamcheong Village
– Jimjilbbang at Spaland Centum City
– Juknokwon Bamboo Forest
– BBoy Kung Festival
– Gyeongbokgung Palace
– Seodaemun Prison History
– Suwon Hwaesong Fortress
– Korean Folk Village
AREX: 17,000 won
Train/Tmoney/Taxi: 233,800 won
Luggage Lockers: 18,000 won
Personal Spendings$1,211
Total (Exclude Flight, Pre-Trip, Personal Spendings)$1,493
Total All$3,446

Personal Spendings

Personal spendings exploded because I bought a set mask for SGD $300 instead of SGD $30. Just because I missed-reading an extra 0 in the pricing, and the sale-assistant was coaxing with me too much freebies that I got little light-headed 😛

SIM Card for Korea

You might have noted my $32 SIM card spending – truth is, the $32 is a prepaid card loaded with that amount of value. Essentially, I’ve only used $15 for the Korea trip only which allowed me 2.4GB of data within 30 days. Thereafter, I still have $17 credits left to be used on other trips, and its not limited to roaming in only Korea. Do check out my detailed post on Starhub’s happy prepaid card. It is definitely one of my favourite all-rounder SIM card for travels.


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