I just did the workcation at Hotel G’s with their Hustle and Grind package. Since COVID-19 hit, I have been stuck in the same environment for the whole year with no change, and was feeling very sluggish and stagnant. I needed a change.

With this in mind, I found Hotel G’s workcation package, and planned my first night out of my own bed this year!

Hunting for a Workcation in Singapore

So, my purpose was to try a different environment to do some “work” stuff on my own plus a night out. Scoring on google were aplenty of blogger posts curating workcation offerings from the various hotels. I was contemplating on Furama work-from-hotel package at $28, and finding another hotel to do an overnight which can range from $80 and up. But that means you would have to move your barangs-barangs once you are done with work.

Then I found Hotel G’s Hustle and Grind package – $90 to access the room from 7am-7pm, which included 2 snack breaks, free coffee-tea-juices-soft-drinks, a lunch-set, and 2 glass of wine. You could extend an overnight with 1 more companion at $50, and that included complimentary breakfast for 2.

The bold parts was the calling for me. 😀

Hustle and Grind – Workcation Experience at Hotel G

I was checked into the King’s Room, which also came with a balcony (I didn’t expect that!). The room was small but as I had expected. Key things: neat and tidy, and very comfortable. I am excited to get started!

Hotel G - King Size Room
Hotel G – King Size Room
Hotel G - King Size Room - Balcony
Hotel G – King Size Room – Balcony

The work desk area could fit only 1 person. With my messy working style, I had to make do and be more organised with keeping things away if I didn’t need them. I also preferred to pull apart the curtains to let the brighter light come in while I worked. The lamp at the desk was a warmer light – so becareful not to feel too cosy if you are planning to work.

Hotel G Workcation - Hustle and Grind Work Desk
Hotel G Workcation – Hustle and Grind Work Desk

Coffee and tea are the usual for a hotel room, and it came with a Nepresso machine! Luckily my sis had me trained on how to use these, I only have to fumble for the power button as it was a different model.

Hotel G - Nepresso
Hotel G – Nepresso

And check out the mini fridge bar where I find the juices and soft drinks as promised:

Hotel G - Mini Bar
Hotel G – Mini Bar

Haha but honestly – how much coffee, tea, soft drinks, and juices can a person drink? We always have to go back to the plain water. I was just expecting to boil tap water – but look what had Hotel G prepared:

Hotel G - Boxed Water - For the Win!
Boxed Water – For the Win!

And the usual items also tagged along with the room to make your workcation more like a comfy room stay – ie. shampoo, body wash, 2 free masks + sanitizer, toothbrush, hair dryer, towels, toilet rolls, and etc.

Then I hustled. Until the doorbell rang – which was what I was waiting for…

Hustle and Grind - Snack Break #1 - Pastries are here
Hustle and Grind – Snack Break #1 – Pastries are here

My first snack break! Which is really a lot for 1 person…

Then I continued grinding until lunch.

At Ginett and Bar Restaurant where the complimentary lunch was served. Following is the available menu for the complimentary version:

Complimentary Lunch Set

2 course set meal – but you would have to choose 2 from the 3 available. Most likely you would pick the main course, then either the Starter or the Dessert.

Having wine for lunch made me sleepy. So before continuing with the grinding, I did some light workout, particularly this walk and burn fat routine here (off-topic…).

Around 4pm, the 2nd snack break was served, and this round of snacks had more variants to it!

The snacks that they served felt like for a 2 pax haha – I was totally full and could do without a dinner.


Nevertheless, since I was rarely in this area and especially for an overnight – I should do some exploration for dinner.

I ended up in Albert Centre for a plate of fried carrot cake. Also – do check out the many options surrounding Hotel G as well – cheap eats, vegetarian options, dim sum, and etc.

Then I was back at the hotel, and both restaurants at Hotel G was fully packed. Don’t forget to check out the night view from the balcony. The night was cloudy so I didn’t get to see any stars.

  • Hotel G - Street view
  • Hotel G - Balcony Night View
  • Hotel G - Balcony Night View
  • Hotel G - Balcony Night View

Breakfast at Hotel G

I headed to 25 Degree for the breakfast, and was offered the following menu.

Hotel G - Breakfast Menu
Hotel G – Breakfast Menu

I don’t know what hit me, and I ordered the waffles. It was the wrong choice for me, since I had too much of bready-pastries-doughy food items. Even the fried carrot cake dinner contributed to this feeling of jelatness . I should have opted for something different like the eggs or congee.

After breakfast, I returned to the room to chill until the checkout time at 12pm.

Concluding my workcation experience at Hotel G

Overall – I find this a great break and alternative to the usual stay-home or work routine. Especially when you could have whole privacy and quietness to yourself, a personal toilet and shower, and generous serving of food and beverages offered by Hotel G’s workcation package.

I recommend taking a chance to check it out while it lasts!

Also, the 2 restaurants (Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar, and 25 Degrees Burger and Liquor Bar) at Hotel G do look intriguing enough – since it was fully pack when I returned during the evening. I would love to be back and check out their full menu!

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