Souffle pancakes is the hot trend these days, but they were available at those atas Japanese restaurant, and those aren’t cheap: we spent around $18 for 3 pieces of jiggly pancakes. Where else can you find cheap souffle pancakes in Singapore?

Riz Labo Souffle Pancakes
Riz Labo Souffle Pancakes

The situation is better now, at least Gong Cha now offered Souffle Pancakes in their cafe setting for around $6. I haven’t visited yet, since I’ve read about the long queue – shall wait out till it calm down.

Imagine this finding – pasar malam also offers souffle pancakes?!

Pasar malam for cheap souffle pancakes
Pasar Malam for Cheap Souffle Pancakes

This pasar malam is right at Woodlands MRT. I found 2 stores in the same pasar malam offering pancakes. Talk about competition.

Each box goes for $4 which comes with 3 pieces of jiggly pancakes. There’s some flavours that you can choose from, from the usual chocolate, to even atas flavor like creme brulee.

I definitely think this is worth my money and calories. Do catch them soon, as the night market has been there for at least 2 weeks. Or for any pasar malam that comes along your neighborhood, check them out for cheap souffle pancakes!

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