Shopping fun in Seoul – 14D Korea Part 9

Hangang Park

Day 9 – Shopping Craze and B-Boys!

This was one of the simplest day – just shop, eat, and repeat!

I had a little craving that day and was thinking a lot about this Nakseo Pajeon that had raving reviews on many blogs out there. It was a little out of the way, outside of the city center where I was staying and I took a long time to finally decide to go there. And at 10am…

It wasn’t opened. 🙁

Sigh…a good 1 hour+ trip to get back to my city center. Anyways, at least I returned with a photo ><!

Hoegi Station Pajeon Alley
Hoegi Station Pajeon Alley

Shinchon ladies street & Ewha Woman’s University & Fashion Street

Next, headed off to Edae region (short for Ewha University) area. There wasn’t much photo I have on this journey…but to spare a few:

Fried Chicken towards Edae
Fried Chicken towards Edae
Brown - LINE Store near Edae-Shinchon
Brown – LINE Store near Edae-Shinchon

Plenty of clothes store and in this region – ladies heaven really! This place felt like Bugis street but more spacious and easier to shop at.

Next stop, was heading for Hongdae, but decided to try going on foot – I can’t really remember why I did that, but I passed this region which was near Sinchon metro and there was a huge crowd over there – so I got curious and try to see what huge crowd was screaming about.

Accidentally Attended Fan-meeting

UNB - Fan meeting
UNB – Fan meeting

I tried to find a spot where I could watch, and ended up behind the idols. The front facing section was fill with people standing on stools. Impossible to get past!

I hadn’t any idea who they were but might as well join in the fun! Shortly, their manager decided to clear a path for them to exit later on, and they chose to split the crowd right where I was! Talk about luck! We waited patiently and soon, they, 7 of them, were walking passed us and waving goodbyes! Everyone had their hands out trying to get a hi-5. I joined in late however! Got 1 hi-5 though! 😀

Later, I learned that they are UNB – formed by the idols survival show – The Unit. And when I did came back to SG, I followed their journey on the show!


It was a long walk, I decided. So, I continued on metro to Hongdae to visit Hongdae Free Market, which is only opened on weekends. This is a little market where students (I presumed) set up stores to sell stuff and mostly handicraft works. I didn’t linger around much.

Spotted this One-Piece while wandering around the Hongdae region! I didn’t venture in further, but it seems like a theme cafe?

One Piece
One Piece

Eventually, found a dinner spot before my BBoys concert! It was a korean-jap fusion restaurant, and I got a simple meal here:

Next, was then searching for the location of the BBoys concert. I walked this stretch of road repeatedly back and forth, because on my Google Map and GPS showed that I keep missing my spot. Yet I just couldn’t reach that place! Obviously… if only meant 1 thing but it wasn’t so obvious to me back then.

During the search, 2 Koreans guys approached and ask me directions (XD). Sadly I couldn’t be much of a help, but we chatted a little after they learnt that I wasn’t a local. Hehe, honestly I was happy for this little chat because in Seoul, I haven’t have got much of a chance to interact with people. I was really missing my stay at Busan, Gwangju, or Jeonju! Just before we part our ways I asked them for help on directions, and they pointed to that building where I had been pacing right in front for the past 10 minutes!

So in short, its actually situated just 1 level below the bank.

Kung Festival Battle B-Boy Season 2
쿵 페스티벌

121, Wausan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul – B1 one of the bank building
서울특별시 마포구 와우산로 121 (서교동)

BBoy Kung Festival

Before concert starts!

BBoy Kung Festival
BBoy Kung Festival

Aftermath! (Phototaking time!)

 BBoy Kung Festival
BBoy Kung Festival

I raved this concert! Its a rather small stage area but it provides a better view for the audience and dancers will sometimes get out onto the floor. No-speech, awesome dance moves, and a simple story line with plenty of comedic expression. 😀 There were some interactions with the audience, asking a few of them to show off their dance moves or help out with some tricks. Really enjoyed the session throughout! And afterwards, audience are free to take photos with the dancers.

Afterwards, I hit Hongdae streets…and look at that crowd!

Hongdae at night
Hongdae at night

Plenty of buskers, dancers, singers, and many more! This street is so full of life I wish I could “import” this back home. xD! With the crowd here, vehicles wouldn’t consider moving through this place. There was one exception once while I was there and buskers have to stop and everyone had to move out of the road for that lorry to pass through. Imagine that amount of eyes watching this little lorry driving through. xD

Hongdae, hongdae! Oh man, I seriously love this spot and I kept returning for the few nights later on. Same for Edae shopping streets. xD. I couldn’t get enough!

Day 10

Yeouido Hangang Park

Hangang River
Hangang River

Day started with a trip down to Yeouido Hangang Park – There seems to be some kind of games or cherry blossom event so it was quite crowded as well. I strolled through the park and there are some beautiful decorations:

Hangang Park
Hangang Park
Hangang Park
Hangang Park

…and life-size games:

Chinese Chess -Hangang Park
Chinese Chess -Hangang Park

In this picture above, there was an interesting game drawn on the floor above the Chinese Chess. A bullseye? Couldn’t figure out until I detoured back later and spotted some locals balancing on one-foot and then kicking out their other feet – sending their shoe on that feet flying towards the bullseye. xD

Hangang Park
Hangang Park

Beautiful painted tiles – this was at one of the far end of Hangang’s Park. Chilled for a little longer before setting out for my next stop.

Yoojung Sikdang 유정식당

14 Dosan-daero 28-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Yoojung Sikdang - BTS frequented restaurant
Yoojung Sikdang – BTS frequented restaurant

This was a restaurant that BTS frequented during their early pre-debut days! They specialise in black pork, and I got the following pork-bulgogi which came with a tofu soup! Delicious and great value!

Bulgogi - Yoojung Sikdang
Bulgogi – Yoojung Sikdang


I actually started eating the in my asian way – a bit of rice, a bit of meat. The restaurant server saw me and gestured me to dump my rice in the bulgogi and mixed it up the Korean way. Ooooh! Yeah! Wished I had more people to share food with! There were many things on menu I wished to try – the pains of a solo. And heres a take of me and the restaurant internals – all of BTS posters pasted over the restaurant!

Yoojung Sikdang
Yoojung Sikdang

After that, decided to walk from the restaurant to Apgujeong Rodeo Street – where Google says fashionable people walks. I didn’t spot much people there and many stores were closed on that street when I visited. The description on blogs didn’t match up to my observation sadly. So, it wasn’t much of a fruitful trip there.

K-Star Road

Headed next to the K-star road for Idols Bears!

K-Star Road

Long street with Idol’s bear lined up! Took me to while to walk to the end…then think about walking back. xD

K-Star Road
K-Star Road

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you were into K-pop, then this might be an interesting street to visit! Along the way, I spotted a SM building where they exhibited their creativity and ideas behind the icons and logo design. There was a small (fan) crowd gathering at the door where they were “queuing” to get their idol’s namecard? Wasn’t sure how that works however…

As this was near Gangnam area, so the next stop would naturally be the Express Bus Terminal underground shopping. A huge underground stretch of shops that I think would be an at least good 2-3 hours spent. After some while, I felt that the clothes was a little repetitive however. But its a good place for find cheap buys as well.

Evening time was setting in, and it was raining heavily at then. I headed back to Myeongdong region was jumping in and out of departmental stores to dodge the huge rain while trying to do some shopping. Finally, decided to head for my much anticipated dinner in Korea:

Gaehwa 개화

107-1 Myeongdong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
서울시 중구 명동2가 107

Gaehwa Restaurant
Gaehwa Restaurant

This restaurant was located within Myeongdong region – and they specialised in Korean/Chinese cuisine I believed. I didn’t take much look at the menu because I already pre-planned before the trip to have…

Jjajangmyeon - Gaehwa
Jjajangmyeon – Gaehwa

…Jjajangmyeon! This dish I often saw it in dramas and dream of eating it! I found a good Chinese store that served this in Singapore, Causeway Point Food Republic years back but they had closed after the revamped. I haven’t found my replacement for this dish after then. And now, I am finally in Korea to satisfy this craving for the long years!

I was having some kind of internal conflict when you anticipated something for too long and when eventually it didn’t match the expectation. Especially after I had some non-tasty Jjajangmyeon before in Singapore’s restaurant. However, this dish met my dreamed expectations and it was delicious! Smooth, and non-too overpowering bean-paste taste! The noodles gave a good bite without being too tough. This will not be my last visit on this trip, and I will try to come back again!

It was plenty of shopping for 2 days, and the next day I shall go back to sight-seeing!

Simple 1 Day Seoul Itinerary – 14D Korea Part 8

Gyeongbok Palace

After the hectic week of running across South Korea for sights, finally, I headed for vibrant city, Seoul, and my final destination! I had a total of 5.5 days here. But for this first part, which is just a half day itself, I felt like I had stuffed plenty of stuff which is a little bit of everything within the same region. Need a simple 1 day Seoul itinerary? Try here: Read on for ginseng chicken, K-BBQ, historical and cultural indulgence at Gyeongbok Palace and Seodaemun Prison History Hall, and immersed in cuteness overload at BT21 and LINE merchandise at the LINE Flagship store at Itaewon!

Continue reading “Simple 1 Day Seoul Itinerary – 14D Korea Part 8”

Korea 2018 – Spring, Beginning

Korea, Travel, Busan, Haeundae Beach

The idea of solo travel had been playing in my mind for that last quarter of 2017 – my 2018 goal waiting to be accomplished.

The Sneaky Plan for Solo Trip

After an impromptu chat with Audrey, whom had similar idea to try a solo trip, we concur – masquerade a solo trip as a trip-with-friends in order to ease our Asian parents unstoppable-worrying-guts: we shall fly together, then craft our solo itinerary and go on our separate ways once we were there. We could perhaps meet up for a little gatherings, but ultimately, keep true to the solo-ness.  All at the same time, have someone we could reach out to in any case of any difficulties! An awesome, sneaky, baby-step solo trip plan! And we planned for – Korea

With that, I booked myself on Korean Air to Korea in late March – the end of Winter and a new break into Spring season. Cherry blossom period, anybody?!

In the end, this was a truly solo trip, all by myself – I confessed to my mom about this, ending up in much tears and sweat of nearly killing off the “solo” part of the trip – but I pushed for this to be accomplished, yes!

So, heres a brief write up on the 14 days of travel – “Where did I go?”

Itinerary for 14 days in Korea

First leg of the trip was south-bounds, a short run from Daegu, to Cheongdo.  Many new experiences for me – paragliding, finding lunch places, first hanok home-stay!

daegu, kim gwang seok, art, culture scene
Kim Gwang Seok Memorial Street, Daegu

Second part of the trip dwell on longer on the southern region, Busan, Gwangju, and Jeonju.

gamcheong cultural village, busan, korea
Gamcheong Cultural Village – Busan

And of course, the last run which you can’t miss, the vibrant, colorful city – Seoul! This city, gives off a very, very youthful vibe – especially with the aplenty of street performances at Hongdae at night!

Street performance, UNB, Sinchon, Seoul
Street Performance by UNB, Sinchon, Seoul

Having it written so briefly and tons of memories flooding back – it has been a month and longer since I had returned, and I am craving to return Korea real soon! Next year!?

I shall end abruptly here, stay tune for the lengthy trip reports!