Haeundae Beach and Jjimjilbang Experience at Spaland – Korea 14D Part 4

This is my last day of fun at Busan and I concluded it with a Haeundae Beach visit and at the gigantic mall – Shinsegae Centum City – but I am there purely for the Jjimjilbang at Spaland! Also, at the Centum City – I found my favourite delight from Daegu – stay tune!

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Day Trip to Jinhae – Korea 14D Part 3

Jinhae Day Trip

Still based in Busan, I would be going on a day trip to Jinhae – famed for its abundance of cherry blossom and scenic takes – a place you surely can’t miss in the Korea’s Spring Festive. Another highlight at Jinhae would be temple visiting – I was very much excited to go for Sammilsa Temple after seeing the pictures online! Can’t wait to view it in its full glory!

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Gamcheong Cultural Village and Nampodong – Korea 14D Part 2

Prince and Fox Cultural Village

In this post, we continue on from our journey from Cheongdo to Busan where I would stay for about 4 nights. First day of Busan I had initially planned Gamcheong Cultural Village, Busan Racecourse Track, BIFF square, Gukje Market, Bupyeong Market. But things doesn’t happen as it goes, so read on!

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Korea 2018 – Spring, Beginning

Korea, Travel, Busan, Haeundae Beach

The idea of solo travel had been playing in my mind for that last quarter of 2017 – my 2018 goal waiting to be accomplished.

The Sneaky Plan for Solo Trip

After an impromptu chat with Audrey, whom had similar idea to try a solo trip, we concur – masquerade a solo trip as a trip-with-friends in order to ease our Asian parents unstoppable-worrying-guts: we shall fly together, then craft our solo itinerary and go on our separate ways once we were there. We could perhaps meet up for a little gatherings, but ultimately, keep true to the solo-ness.  All at the same time, have someone we could reach out to in any case of any difficulties! An awesome, sneaky, baby-step solo trip plan! And we planned for – Korea

With that, I booked myself on Korean Air to Korea in late March – the end of Winter and a new break into Spring season. Cherry blossom period, anybody?!

In the end, this was a truly solo trip, all by myself – I confessed to my mom about this, ending up in much tears and sweat of nearly killing off the “solo” part of the trip – but I pushed for this to be accomplished, yes!

So, heres a brief write up on the 14 days of travel – “Where did I go?”

Itinerary for 14 days in Korea

First leg of the trip was south-bounds, a short run from Daegu, to Cheongdo.  Many new experiences for me – paragliding, finding lunch places, first hanok home-stay!

daegu, kim gwang seok, art, culture scene
Kim Gwang Seok Memorial Street, Daegu

Second part of the trip dwell on longer on the southern region, Busan, Gwangju, and Jeonju.

gamcheong cultural village, busan, korea
Gamcheong Cultural Village – Busan

And of course, the last run which you can’t miss, the vibrant, colorful city – Seoul! This city, gives off a very, very youthful vibe – especially with the aplenty of street performances at Hongdae at night!

Street performance, UNB, Sinchon, Seoul
Street Performance by UNB, Sinchon, Seoul

Having it written so briefly and tons of memories flooding back – it has been a month and longer since I had returned, and I am craving to return Korea real soon! Next year!?

I shall end abruptly here, stay tune for the lengthy trip reports!